3 Things To Know Before Finding A Nickel Powder Supplier

Have you been searching for a trusted nickel powder supplier recently? If yes, we are letting you know a couple of things about nickel powder – and how important element it is in many uses and applications nowadays.

As you probably know, nickel is a silvery white metal that has a small golden tone. As an element that belongs to the transition metals and is rocklike and adaptable, nickel indicates an important chemical activity that can be best noticed when this element is powdered – resulting in fine nickel powder.

Corrosion-resistant and with a heavy rate of oxidation at normal room temperature, nickel powder is often used in metallurgy and the steel industry. And that is why many businesses and steel manufacturers are in constant need of trusted nickel powder suppliers.

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However, just like with any other powder, there are some things you should know before finding your nickel powder supplier and making your first order. Today, we are listing them and letting you know every detail about nickel powder.

1. Nickel Powder Is A High-Performance Electrode Component

Thanks to latest technology and methodology, nickel powder has leveled up in terms of its use. As such, it has been found that nickel powder can form an excessive surface area of the electrode and in the reaction with hydrogen – can expand in the excessive area which causes the equivalent of nickel-metal hydride battery powder. This way, nickel powder participates in the process of charging and discharging the effectiveness of battery cases.

In other words, this means that thanks to the use of nickel powder in this process, the same capacity in one battery case can reduce with also reducing the weight and size of the battery. The end result is a lightweight and small sized nickel-metal battery which is often used nowadays

2. Nickel Powder Is A Key Component In Forming Alloys

The need for nickel powder in metallurgy and the steel industry has grown a lot over the past decade. This has been mostly due to the fact that nickel powder is able to create alloys as a combination of nickel-steel that is also known by the name ‘stainless steel’.

That being said, a lot of products and elements that claim of having ‘stainless steel’ properties are actually made of the nickel powder and silver combination. However, there are many other allots that use nickel powder as well – around 6% of the total world production of alloys to be precise.

Special welding electrodes, electroplating and other metallurgical applications are all processes where nickel powder is used, and ones in which companies of all sizes and types are in need of a trusted nickel powder supplier.

3. There Are Numerous Nickel Powder Uses

Nickel powder is known to be an effective catalyst at the high and large surface area. As such, it can be used for hydrogenation of organic combinations instead of the original micro powder – but also can replace the role of precious metals such as rhodium, platinum and others in the vehicle tail gas treatment processes.

Another great use of nickel powder is the magnetic industry, where it can be adjusted to be the perfect fluid used in the production of medical equipment, sealing, sound regulation, mechanical control and many other areas.

Nickel powder is also used as a sintering additive because of its large volume ration – and as a conductive paste in microelectronics. The high strength of nickel can also be sprayed at a lower temperature which results in improving the electric conductivity under specific conditions.

On top of all these uses, nickel powder is also linked with magnetic recording, combustion efficiency, fuel cells, lubricant additives and stealth materials, playing its role everywhere.

A Final Word

In the end, one thing that is great nowadays is that finding a fine nickel powder supplier is not anymore difficult. With its grey color and irregular form, this powder is widely used in many industries. However, it can also be risky especially when collided with fire, acid and heat sources – which is why you need professional advice and equipment to work with it.

At TTT Metal Powder, we work with all types of powders and pride ourselves on the quality of nickel powder that we produce. For more information on it, contact us today or make your first order.