6 Important Boron Powder Uses & Finding The Right Supplier


Finding a reliable boron powder supplier nowadays is not easy. However, at Tritrust International, we take pride in providing high quality and pure boron powder that is in line with all the highest standards in the industry.

In order to help you or reassure you to purchase boron powder at the best price, let’s share some facts about boron and its powdered version, and how beneficial they are in today’s industry.

What Is Boron And Where Does It Come From?

Basically, boron is a chemical element that has mixed characteristics – one of both non-metals and metals. For that matter it is also known as a metalloid – and is extremely hard to be found in its pure form in nature. Commonly, boron powder is combined with other elements such as oxygen.

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However, boron can be found in the environment – and the food that we eat. A lot of people actually consume boron supplements as their medicine – or to treat conditions like osteoarthritis, weak bones, low testosterone, low muscle mass etc.

However, boron powder is known for its amazing uses which vary from medicine to industrial applications and even hygiene, all listed below.

The Six Main Uses Of Boron Powder

Generally, high-purity boron powder is used in

Main Industrial Use (Combustion, Rocket Science etc.)

The main industrial use of boron comes from the ignition and combustion processes of its single particles, that are surveyed and studied a lot over the past decade. From the ignition delay and two-stage combustion to the micro-sized particles of boron, the main effects of boron powder are gas temperature, oxygen concentration and diffusion which are all crucial in rocket science and similar industries.

Ceramics, Glass and Fiberglass For Isolation

Boron is a powerful flux and as a powder, it confers the high chemical resistance for glasses in general. As a flux, it works with reducing the melting point, viscosity, expanding coefficient and increasing breakage index as well as transparency and heat resistance in both insulation fiber glass (IFG) and reinforcement fiberglass (RFG).

Hygiene Products (soaps, water softeners)

USed as a cleaning and bleaching agent, boron powder controls the alkalinity of soaps, synthetic detergents and similar products, where it balances the active oxygen, softens the water and lowers the time heat of the washing.

Pest Control, Detergents And Agricultural Chemicals

In all of these markets, boron powder is used as a source for liquid fertilizers, where it is important in pollination, seed production, normal cell division and protein formation. In a nutshell, boron is an essential element for plans development – but also for eliminating pests and bacteria.


Boron carbide leads to less toxic and green pyrotechnics, which are environmentally-friendly and used in today’s fireworks. This is mainly due to the barium being replaced with boron – and therefore cutting the amount of toxic material released by fireworks substantially.


In medicine, boron powder makes the bones stronger, is helpful for women during their menopause and as boric acid, can be extremely useful to dust away different (bacterial and fungal) infections. As borax (liquid), it is helpful for eye infections and treating ulcers in the mouth. Additionally, boron lowers the risk of kidney stones and extends the brain health.

A Final Word

As you can see from all of the above mentioned uses, the importance of boron powder is crucial in today’s world and many industries. Aside from the use in specialized applications like abrasives, biocides, charcoal briquettes, photography and tanning – boron is extensively used in metallurgy as well.

If you are interested in getting high-quality boron powder at the best price and from an experienced supplier, our teams at Tritrust International can definitely assist. For more information, contact us now and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!