Antimony Sputtering Targets – 180




Formula 51Sb121.75
Purity 99.999 %
Particle Size Inquire
CAS 7440-36-0
Melting Point 630.5 °C
Boiling Point 1750 °C
Density 6.618 G/Cm3
Mohs Hardness @ 20ºC 3.25
Coeff. of Expansion @ 20ºC 8.11 µm/m °K
Electric Resistivity 39.1 Microhm-Cm
Crystal Structure Rhombohedral
Applications Optical- coatings
Thin Film Deposition
Form Sputtering Targets Pieces

Cost Per Kilogram

1-2 KG
3-10 KG
11-25 KG
26+ KG
Background Antimony was used as early as 3000 BC. It has been used for cosmetics to darken the brows and lashes, or as an eye liner. In this use, it is called kohl.
Semiconductor Antimony is being used in the semiconductor industry in production of infrared detectors, diodes, and Hall-effect devices.
Alloy When antimony is used as an alloy, it increases lead's hardness and strength. This alloy is commonly used in storage batteries.