The application of carbonyl iron powder on metal injection molding technology


Carbonyl iron powder is a kind of carbonyl powder that is generated by reacting iron and carbon monoxide, which is generally produced by high pressure gas phase synthesis method. By using this method, sponge iron or scale oxide will be grinded into powder with ball milling and will be reduced by hydrogen; afterwards, carbon monoxide will be guided into the reduced powders under high pressure, meanwhile, powders will have synthetic reaction with carbon monoxide after being heated, in which pentacarbonyl iron will be generated and will be cooled into liquid by reducing the pressure; finally, carbonyl iron powder can be obtained after decomposition.

carbonyl iron powdersCarbonyl iron powder is a kind of powder that is produced by gas phase method and is also a kind of ultra-micro powder that is produced by thermal decomposition, which can belong to high-tech products. Therefore, compared with ordinary metal powders, carbonyl iron powder has higher activity and finer particles as well as has better formability and sinterability. In addition, as carbonyl iron powder has various varieties, different kinds of iron powders will have different usages due to their particle, morphology, purity and performance differences. Therefore, carbonyl iron powder will have a lot of usages and will be widely used in many fields.

Carbonyl iron powders will have irreplaceable huge effect on powder metallurgy industry, which can be used as the main raw materials, additives of high density alloy production, binder of cemented alloy as well as can be used in producing magnetic conductive dielectric core and other soft magnetic materials and can be used as the additives of superhard materials, grinding materials and grinding tools.

Except for being used in powder metallurgy industry, carbonyl iron powder can also be used in magnetic seed selection in agricultural industry and can be used as nutrition additive in medical industry. With the constant progress of carbonyl iron powder preparation technology, the production cost of carbonyl iron powder will be reduced and the application on metal injection molding will be continuously increased. Besides, it will have irreplaceable effect on many parts production of special fields. For example, it can be used as the superior raw materials and can be used in medical equipments, mobile phones and other digital communication equipments that have complex shape.

As carbonyl iron powder has high activity, fine particle size as well as is easy to sinter and form, it is favored a lot by metal injection molding industry and has occupied larger and larger proportion in metal injection molding raw materials. A small amount of carbonyl iron powder will be added in the MIM iron-based parts production so as to reduce sintering temperature, improve the products organization structure and mechanical property, which has become one of indispensable raw materials in high quality MIM products.

In MIM high density alloy production, iron powder that has high activity will be used as the liquid phase in the sintering process so as to reduce products brittleness, thus it can obtain high density or full density high performance products. For example, in the production of MIM military armor-piercing bullet core and abrasion resisting high density watch parts, high performance products can also be obtained by replacing uranium with carbonyl iron powder.

In conclusion, carbonyl iron powder has very wide application on metal injection molding, which can not only be used as the main raw materials, but also can be used as the intensifier that can help to produce high quality products better. Although the cost of carbonyl iron powder is still high at present, with the constant progress of powder preparation technology, the production cost of carbonyl iron powder will be reduced gradually and will have better effect in metal injection molding technology in the future.