The application fields of cobalt powder


Cobalt powder, which appears to be grey irregular powder, has magnetism and is easy to oxidize in the damp air. It can be divided into cobalt powder, fine cobalt powder and superfine cobalt powder according to the particle size. It is also one of the important materials that used in making superhard alloy materials and is widely used in aviation, spaceflight, electric appliance, machinery manufacturing, chemical and ceramic industry. Cobalt, served as the scarce strategic metal in the world, can determine the adhesive property, strength and tenacity of superhard alloy material and will have great effect on the usability of superhard alloy material. Cobalt powder can also be used as the cemented carbide, diamond tool, high temperature alloy, magnetic materials and other metallurgical products as well as rechargeable battery, industrial blasting agent, rocket fuel, medicine and other chemical products.

cobalt metal powders

Cobalt-base alloys or cobalt-containing alloy steel can be used as the blade, impeller and conduit of gas turbine, parts of jet engine, rocket motor and guided missile, various high load heat-resistant parts of the chemical equipment as well as important metal materials in the atomic energy industry. The manufacturing process of cobalt powder includes following steps: put the powder of cobalt carbonate or cobalt oxalate in the high-energy ball mill pot, which will be added with grinding dispersant and hard alloy grinding ball under different proportions according to the weight of powder; vacuumize the ball mill pot and ventilate with arc for protection; seal the ball mill pot, control the revolving speed of ball mill pot and carry out high energy ball mill, thus the superfine cobalt carbonate or superfine cobalt oxalate powder can be obtained after ball mill for a period of time; reduce the superfine cobalt carbonate or superfine cobalt oxalate powder under H2 atmosphere, thus the cobalt powder can be obtained, which will contain 0.5 percent of oxygen and the fisher particle size will be less than 0.6 mesh.