Niobium Powder Supplier: From Production To Delivery

You may not be aware of it – but niobium powder is a part of many types of steel and stainless steels for gas and oil pipelines, truck and car bodies, tool steels, architectural elements, railroad trucks and even ship hulls. However, a lot of people are unaware of the importance of this powder – […]

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Molybdenum Powder A Tough Metal With Great Thermal Conductivity

There are a lot of things that make molybdenum powder unique and special on its own. Aside from the fact that it is one of the first metals discovered, the molybdenum powder is a discovery that additionally helped many industries to collide steel and different metals with this element and create amazing results.

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3 Things To Know Before Finding A Nickel Powder Supplier

Have you been searching for a trusted nickel powder supplier recently? If yes, we are letting you know a couple of things about nickel powder – and how important element it is in many uses and applications nowadays.

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The Importance Of Manganese Powder And Its Main Uses

If you are considering manganese powder supplies, you may want to read below and see what this fine powder is all about – and why it is so important.

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Painting fingernails with silver and gold

Since ancient times, people have used lustrous silver, platinum and gold to make jewelry and other adornments. Researchers have now developed a new way to add the metals to nail polish with minimal additives, resulting in durable, tinted — and potentially antibacterial — nail coloring. They report their method in ACS’ journal Industrial & Engineering […]

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Pulverizing electronic waste is green, clean — and cold. Researchers use cryo-mill to turn circuit boards into separated powders

Researchers at Rice University and the Indian Institute of Science have an idea to simplify electronic waste recycling: Crush it into nanodust.

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New nanofiber marks important step in next generation battery development

One of the keys to building electric cars that can travel longer distances and to powering more homes with renewable energy is developing efficient and highly capable energy storage systems.

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New synchrotron powder diffraction facility for long running experiments

Synchrotron beamlines and their instruments are built to harness the photon beam power of synchrotron radiation (SR), which has special properties — ideally suited to providing detailed and accurate structural information that is difficult to obtain from conventional sources. The common modus operandi for such facilities is that users are allocated a short duration of […]

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The Making of Metal Powder – Everything You Need to Know about It

Are you interested to discover how metal powders are produced? There are various processes used in the powder production, but first, let’s take a quick look at what powdered metal actually is.

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Harnessing the energy of fireworks for fuel

The world relies heavily on gasoline and other hydrocarbons to power its cars and trucks. In search of an alternative fuel type, some researchers are turning to the stuff of fireworks and explosives: metal powders. And now one team is reporting a method to produce a metal nanopowder fuel with high energy content that is […]

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