Monitoring positive charges in solar materials

Transition metal oxides such as Zinc Oxide (ZnO) are at the center of the recent surge in research and development on solar energy conversion into electrical (photovoltaics) or chemical (photocatalytic) forms, but also of applications such as detectors of high-energy radiation. All of these applications rely on the generation of negative (electrons) and positive (holes) charges, and the understanding of their evolution as a function of time is crucial for these applications.

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Splashdown: Supersonic cold metal bonding in 3-D

When a fragile surface requires a rock-hard, super-thin bonded metal coating, conventional manufacturing processes come up short. However, Cold Gas Dynamic Spray (CGDS) can do just that — with a big caveat. CGDS is enormously versatile, but is also very difficult to predict key aspects of the entire process. Now a temperature-based 3D model by Professor Tien-Chien Jen from the University of Johannesburg starts unlocking the mysteries of the CGDS film-growing process in the particle deposition zone.

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All The Uses And Benefits Of Silicon Powder: Explained

Silicone is resinous, liquid, rubbery and exceptionally stable in high temperatures. It is additionally water-repellent, which influences it to ideal for use as ointment, glue, pressure driven oils and as a protection in a wide cluster of ventures and fields. One of the fundamental components of silicone powder is the capacity to control its mechanical highlights over an expansive scope of temperatures from 60 ° C to 205 ° C. Now and then, the typicality can be kept up in an even more extensive scope of temperatures.

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Coupling experiments to theory to build a better battery

Lithium-sulfur batteries are promising candidates for replacing common lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles since they are cheaper, weigh less, and can store nearly double the energy for the same mass. However, lithium-sulfur batteries become unstable over time, and their electrodes deteriorate, limiting widespread adoption.

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Niobium Powder Where Does It Come From And Where Is It Used

Niobium powder is referred to by its utilization as added substance to steel and stainless steel for gas and oil pipelines, truck and auto bodies, instrument steels, structural necessities, railroad tracks and ships bodies. Be that as it may, these are by all account not the only applications for niobium.

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