Exciting new material uses solar energy to remove human-made dye pollutants from water

A novel composite material has been developed by scientists in the Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at Swansea University which shows promise as a catalyst for the degradation of environmentally-harmful synthetic dye pollutants, which are released at a rate of nearly 300,000 tonnes a year into the world’s water.

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Molybdenum Powder Facts, Uses & Suppliers

Are you looking for molybdenum metal powder for industrial applications?

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Nickel Powder – Uses, Price & How To Find The Best Supplier

Wondering what are the best nickel powder uses – or maybe want to get nickel powder at the best price?

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Manganese Powder Uses, Price & More

Did you know that the Earth’s crust is 0.1% manganese – and that manganese is the most ample element on the Earth? As such, manganese powder is also one of the most used powders in metallurgy and a crucial powder in the production of various metals.

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Everything You Need To Know About Metal Powder & Finding A Supplier

If you are looking for a metal powder supplier, you are not the only one. Metal powder is among the most widely used powders in the world and a popular element for many industries. That is why today, we are reviewing it in detail – starting from the production of metal powder.

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