Perfect powder: Laboratory perfects metal powders for manufacturing

Iver Anderson and Emma White, metallurgists at Ames Laboratory, like to show off samples of metal powders encapsulated in custom-made hourglasses to visitors. Dull gray, the powders are barely remarkable in and of themselves, let alone in comparison to each other.

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How Niobium Powder is Produced and Its Most Important Applications

Niobium powder is known by its use as additive to steel and stainless steel for gas and oil pipelines, truck and car bodies, tool steels, architectural requirements, railroad tracks and ships hulls. However, these are not the only applications for niobium.

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Molybdenum Powder Applications in the Electronics Market and Other Essential Uses

Molybdenum is a dominant element with specific chemical and mechanical properties that can meet the most demanding requirements. Molybdenum has an extremely high melting point, high level of thermal conductivity, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion and because of this, it is used in various industries.

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Nickel Powder & Its Extensive Uses – All You Need to Know About It

Nickel plays a crucial role in our every day’s life as there are various nickel-containing products we use almost every day. Nickel-containing products acquire corrosion resistance, toughness, strength at high and low temperatures, and other special magnetic and electronic properties. Nickel is commonly used in the battery production, coatings, as an alloy and other uses such as kitchen wares, cell phones, medical equipment, transport, jewelry, buildings, and more.

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Manganese Powder & Its Beneficial Uses

Manganese makes up approximately 0.1% of the Earth’s surface, making it the 12th most ample element on the earth. It is one of the most used metals in terms metallurgy and in other industries as well.

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