Tungsten Powder– How it is Produced and Its Beneficial Uses

Tungsten is known as the metal with the highest melting point as well as the lowest point of thermal expansion.

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Controlling the properties of matter in two-dimensional crystals

By creating atomic chains in a two-dimensional crystal, researchers at Penn State believe they have found a way to control the direction of materials properties in two and three dimensional crystals with implications in sensing, optoelectronics and next-generation electronics applications.

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Molybdenum Powder & Its Extensive Uses – All You Need to Know

Molybdenum is known as one of the first metals discovered by the modern chemist Peter Jacob Hjelm.

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Nickel Powder and Its Widespread Use

Nickel (Ni) is a silvery-white shining metal with a small golden tone.

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Pushing the boundaries of magnet design

For physicists, loss of magnetisation in permanent magnets can be a real concern. In response, the Japanese company Sumitomo created the strongest available magnet — one offering ten times more magnetic energy than previous versions — in 1983. These magnets are a combination of materials including rare-earth metal and so-called transition metals, and are accordingly referred to as RE-TM-B magnets. A Russian team has now been pushing the boundaries of magnet design, as published in a recent study in EPJ Plus.

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