Breakthrough in materials science: Scientists bond metals with nearly all surfaces

Through this “nanoscale-sculpturing” process, metals such as aluminium, titanium, or zinc can permanently be joined with nearly all other materials, become water-repellent, or improve their biocompatibility. The potential spectrum of applications of these “super connections” is extremely broad, ranging from metalwork in industry right through to safer implants in medical technology. Their results have now been published in the journal Nanoscale Horizons of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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Boron Powder and Its Beneficial Use in Various Industries

Boron as a chemical element has characteristics of both nonmetals and metals.

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3-D graphene has promise for bio applications

Flakes of graphene welded together into solid materials may be suitable for bone implants, according to a study led by Rice University scientists.

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Manganese Powder and Its Most Essential Aspects

Manganese is known as a trace mineral and is found in various foods for example legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, tea and leafy green vegetables.

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Silicon brings more color to holograms

Silicon holograms harness the full visible spectrum to bring holographic projections one step closer.

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