Bright prospects of nickel powder


Nickel powder is a very versatile material crushing and grinding of nickel metal powder. It’s used especially in the aeronautics, space, nuclear reactors, alkali metal hydride electric city electronic remote control, alloys, heat resistance, catalysts and additives for powder metallurgy, military and industrial electronic machinery, automotive and others.

The dynamic analysis of international demand. Over the next 10 years, the developed countries of the world, in Europe and in the United States and Japan, the lack of progress in improving the quality of life in the densely populated city of concentrate atmospheric actively in various forms of scientific work, the emissions from motor vehicles to reduce pollution, praised the production and consumption of electric vehicles. Thoroughly clean electric vehicles, the battery is nickel-metal hydride batteries. The French government plans to pilot production to 7,000 electric vehicles per year.

Accompanied by an increase in the share of electric vehicles in the world, the demand for nickel-metal hydride fuel will become more acute in the nickel powder is needed to extend love and growing up applications. From the perspective of the Chinese market, the pace of development in the automotive industry, the global interest draw on electronic, mechanical, industrial, and communications in China. Develop the use of nickel powder and continue to grow, including the four main branches of industry and consumption of nickel powder has a very close relationship. These are the automotive industry, the electronics industry, mechanical engineering, electrical industry.
As we all know, in China, in recent years, the electronics industry is one of the leading high-tech industrial development very quickly. The rapid development of the electronics industry significantly promotes the rapid development of the Consumer Electronics nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride battery market demand. Nickel powder market still does not have a delivery on a large scale, yields, low contribution of small, it is difficult to adapt to the needs of supply and demand, is very important. Net this year, the international factors nickel powder market price is the most important Chinese demand for nickel powder is the rapid development of domestic production capacity is far from meeting. The production of nickel powder to develop the structure of varieties to meet the needs of mass production of nickel-metal meet. Forecasts for the next few years and into the next century, the demand for nickel powder is mining so important to further strengthen the exploration of mineral resources inventory monitoring nickel.

Ultrafine nickel powder is mainly used for the production of mobile phones, PCs, laptops, power tools and other telecommunications equipment in multi-layer ceramic capacitors, and the need for boron powder Industry nickel-metal hydride batteries. In recent years due to the rapid development of mobile phones, laptops and other electronic communications, the demand ultrafine nickel powder market growth. According to statistics, the global demand for the production of nickel metal by 20%. To the demand of the rapidly growing market are justly, invest the United States, Japan and other countries, to expand the production of nickel powder.

As in other countries, the development of Chinese mobile phones, laptops, computers, nickel-metal hydride battery is very impressive. Battery industry needs China more than 2,000 tonnes of nickel a few years ago. Increased to about 4,000 tons. In view of the efficiency and quality of the production of nickel powder can not meet the demand of the market, particularly in the production of ultrafine nickel powder. Routes. Chinese nickel powder production compared technology and equipment for the processing of the gap with the developed countries, as a result of a number of manufacturers that ensure the stability of product quality, especially nickel imported ultra-fine powder as raw materials, the production of nickel Chinese companies use to take the opportunity and the efforts to develop the technology.