The character and application field of nickel powder


The character of nickel powder

Nickel powder is a kind of grey and irregular powder, which is easy to oxidize in the damp air.

The usage of nickel powder

Nickel metal powder can be used to produce non iron base alloy, high-temperature resistance material, oxidation resistance material, magnetic material and can be used as the hydrogenation catalyst in chemical reactions. The metallic pigment which has main component of metal nickel mainly includes nickel powder and flake nickel powder. The former is resolved by using nickel carbonyl [Ni(CO)4] that is distilled and purified and form particle which has suitable shape by diluting  with carbon monoxide under the existence of gas assistant (oxygen and nitrogen) and certain temperature, in which the carbon monoxide is later flushed by carbon dioxide and the surface oxygen content of particle is controlled to be 0.065 percent; the latter is generated by grinding the high purity of carbonyl nickel powder with steel ball in the ball mill and form suitable thickness of slice under the condition of appropriate lubricant and liquid medium.

The application field of nickel powder

Nickel powder is mainly used in the coating and plastic conductive pigment that can shield electronmagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, used as various high gloss decorative paint and plastic as well as replacing aluminum powder as the anti-corrosion paint in aqueous system. Fine particles of spherical nickel powder can be used in the conductive ink.

Introduction to the diamond tool nickel powder (metal carcass alloy powder) in the industry are as follows: metallic bond is one of the important factors in determining the quality of diamond saw blade, tool bit, abrasive wheel, thin-walled drill and other products. After the diamond is finished, the quality of metallic bond becomes the determinant, in which cobalt powder and nickel powder can be both used as the main binder, however, the price of cobalt powder is higher.

In the diamond tools, carcass is a kind of metal sintering body that can package the diamond. It can hold the diamond to play the incision role instead of falling off too early. Carcass is often composed by various metals, in which the low melting point of metal powder is used as the main binder, such as nickel powder and so on.

Nickel powder is mostly used as the carcass adhesives of the diamond thin drilling bit and cutting disk that used in construction industry, diamond bit and carbide drill that used in the oil, natural gas and other mining industries; the diamond grinding materials and grinding tools which are mostly used in the metal material processing, automobile and motorcycle abrading processing also often use nickel powder including carbonyl nickel powder, electronic nickel powder and reduced nickel powder as the carcass adhesives.