The constantly internationalized industrial standard has promoted the development of metal powder metallurgy industry in China


As the saying goes that “nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards”, the industries can obtain benign and healthy development only when they are well restrained and adjusted by scientific standards and specifications, which is also the same with metal powder metallurgy industry that has years of development history. As powder metallurgy technology has many advantages in forming and processing metal parts, it has been widely used in machinery, automobile, household appliances, textile, chemical engineering, energy source as well as digital electronics and parts production of medical field.

Compared with traditional casting and machining method, as metal powder metallurgy will have incomparable advantages in energy saving, material saving, mass production of metal parts and other aspects, it has drawn many attentions by the industry production field. With the increasing demand of high performance parts, metal powder metallurgy industry, which served as the upstream industry, has also achieved rapid development

Although China’s powder metallurgy enterprises have been able to independently produce various metal powders, can basically meet the domestic demand of producing high strength parts as well as can basically meet the requirements of producing high strength and complex shape parts by purchasing advanced foreign forming equipments and sintering equipments, some of the medium and high-grade parts still need to be imported.

Judging from the overall industry development level, China’s metal powder metallurgy industry still has a long distance from the developed countries, which mainly reflects in the development progress of powder metallurgy new material, development of new product and the overall scientific research level. This shows that China’s metal powder metallurgy industry is in urgent need of innovation ability. By constantly innovating materials, products and technologies, it can promote the healthy development of the whole industry.

However, innovation can be proceeded smoothly only under specific standards and specifications, which can be called the industrial standard of powder metallurgy industry. China’s metal powder metallurgy industry will mainly follow below two categories of standards: domestic standards and international standards. Among them, domestic standards can be divided into basic standard, product standard and test method standard. Basic standard is formulated earliest and has most widely coverage, which is the basis of formulating other professional or industry segmentation standards; product standard mainly includes powder product standard and product standard, which is a kind of specific industry standard; test method standard can also be called the standard of industry standard, which is a kind of standard that will be gradually improved along with the improvement of testing equipment and technology.

International standard will be formulated, issued and popularized by international standard organization, which mainly includes product standard and test method standard. In non-ferrous metal powder metallurgy field, international standard is actively being used in China, thus China’s powder metallurgy industry will soon integrate with the international level.

China’s powder metallurgy industry domestic standard has already been able to basically meet the demand of China’s powder metallurgy industry development as well as also has actively promoted the industry development and technology progress. However, by using international standard, it can greatly improve powder metallurgy product level in China, thus the whole powder metallurgy industry will develop towards higher level. But the dynamics of participating in international standardization is still far from enough for China.

With the development of metal injection molding and other new type powder metallurgy technologies, China’s powder metallurgy products will continuously enter the international market, participate in the international competition and accept the test of international market. Meanwhile, China will also increase the opportunity of participating in international standardization meetings as well as powder metallurgy enterprises will continuously use international standardization and improve product level and quality. The more frequently the international industry standard is used, the faster China’s powder metallurgy industry will develop.