High Purity Copper Powder for Research, Production, and Development Needs


The demand for copper powder in industrial businesses is huge because from earth to space, there’s always a need for this material. Though usually unavailable in just any other hardware store, one must find a manufacturer who can be trusted in providing only the best high purity copper powder and more.

highpurity copper powderFor many years, various industrial applications have been using copper powder and copper alloy powders. Most especially in the electronics industry, high purity copper powder is needed to assure high quality, excellent thermal and electrical conductivities and superb performance. Other items including medals, pennies and medallions have copper material and other applications including mechanical plating, cold soldering, and brazing also use copper alloy powder and copper powder. It is also widely used in automotive parts with friction materials including clutches and brakes. It may also be used in magnets and carbon brushes. Most recently, an innovation in the fashion industry had high purity copper powder infused in fabric. Copper-infused socks are widely available and is said to have anti-fatigue effects. It has also been claimed that this fabric helps eliminate odor, relieve pains and aches and improve circulation. Because of its popularity, production of copper-infused gloves has also increases as well as other clothing pieces.

As stated above, copper powder is not harmful to human health. It is also very safe for plants and animals and in fact it is an essential micronutrient and is needed to maintain good health. However, it is good to note that while humans will normally remain unharmed even with large amounts of copper, it may become harmful to those some who are born without the capability to eliminate excess copper from the body. With too much copper being retained in the body, it may affect a person’s kidneys, liver, and even the brain. This problem is treatable. Medication may be provided so that copper will be reduced, and there will be no damaging effects on the body.

High purity copper powder is very useful in the architecture business as well. It is corrosion-resistant and it very sturdy and durable. Most parts of a home or building are built with copper metal powder including domes, roofs, vaults, doors and more. Copper is also recyclable which makes it friendly to the environment.

Tritrust Industrial (China) Co, Ltd is a trusted manufacturer all over Asia of metal powders including those that are widely used in catalysts, hard alloy, diamonds and materials used in electronics such as high-energy battery materials and contacts. Their main products include silver powder, nickel powder, brass powder, tin powder, bonze powder and copper powder, which are guaranteed to be high purity copper powder.

Copper sulfide powder materials they offer include Cuprous Sulfide Powder and Black Granular Cupric Sulfide Powder. Copper Selenide products are also offered including Copper Selenide Vacuum Melted Granules and Copper Selenide Powder.

Among other copper powder products that Tritrust Industrial offers is the Copper Powder (FCu) which is used largely in metallurgical production of diamond tools, gritting materials, hard alloys, welding electrodes, conductive printing ink and chemical catalysts. The super fine high purity copper powder is rosy light red in color and are available in slices or branches formations. It may be dissolved in nitric acid or hot sulphuric acid. While copper powder is generally not harmful to one’s health, it advised to keep it away from fire or acid to avoid possible explosion. It also needs to be handled with care to avoid dust cloud formation. Spherical copper metal powder, copper metal pellets, copper metal pieces, copper vacuum melted pellets, copper metal sputtering targets and copper metal flake are also readily available.

Widely mined in over 50 countries across the world, it is still important to call on a trusted manufacturer especially when you are planning on purchase large quantities of copper powder. For a decade now, Tritrust Industrial has consistently passed the ISO9001 for quality management system certification. Since 2004, the company has implemented only the best performance management. Aside from providing high-quality products, the company is also committed to providing great service to their clients. Their goal is “to create the best metal powders of the world” and they look forward to mutual development between them and other businesses who become their clients.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient supplier of high purity copper powder and other metal powder products, you need not search further as Tritrust Industrial Co., Ltd is your best choice. Visit http://tttmetalpowder.com for more details and a full list of products.