How to improve the uniformity of blending tungsten powder


The blending tungsten powder is difficult to be as uniform as the solution formed by dissolving salt into water. However, requirement on the uniformity of blending tungsten powder is increasing in the advanced industrial production process. The uniformity of powder can be improved by the later operation.

In order to improve the uniformity of blending tungsten metal powder, it can be operated in the double cone mixers. Firstly put the metal tungsten powder into double cone mixers that has the volume of 1000L and after 60min of the blending process, its maximum difference of Fisher particle size will be reduced from 0.55μm before blending to 0.08μm, while the maximum difference of its trace elements content of K will be reduced from 16ppm before blending to 9ppm, besides, the blending time will be extended to 90min and the maximum difference of particle will be continually reduced to 7ppm. This shows that after the blending, the particle and K content will reduce their maximum difference and improve the uniformity with the increasing of time.