What kind of materials can be used in powder metallurgy in general?


Powder metallurgy is a kind of process technology that produces metal materials, composites and various types of products before the raw materials that are made by metal powders or use metal powders (or the mixture of metal powders and non metal powders) are formed and sintered. As powder metallurgy is similar with ceramic production method, a series of new powder metallurgy technology can be used in the preparation of ceramics. Due to the advantages of powder metallurgy, it has become a key to solve the new material problem and will play a decisive function in the development of new materials.

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Powder metallurgy includes many steps. Besides, the powder variety is also different.

a. For example, in the production stage of metal powders, metal compounds or metal elementary substance can be used as the raw material, which can be both in the form of powders.

b. Metal compounds can be made into metal powders by electrolysis, thermal decomposition or thermal decomposition deoxidization and other methods.

c. Metal elementary substance can be made into metal powders in the following process: it will be melted under high temperature; afterwards, it will be jetted under high pressure and will be cooled rapidly.

d. In the forming stage of powder metallurgy, metal powders or alloy powders can be used as the raw materials, which will be made into finished products after high pressure forming and heat treatment high pressure forming.