What kinds of standards are required in the parts that are produced by powder metallurgy manufacturers?


Metal powder metallurgy product is made by using metal powders as raw material. In that way, what kinds of standards are required in producing metal powder metallurgy parts?

Standard one: by complying with the production standards of powder metallurgy manufacturer, the mechanical property of powder metallurgy products will be more reliable as well as the density and chemical composition will be more suitable for the mechanical application. Therefore, the production standard of powder metallurgy manufacturer should be observed strictly at the time of producing powder metallurgy products.

Metal powder metallurgy product

Standard two: the parts production standards made by the powder metallurgy manufacturer are all expressively stipulated. To be served as the reference data of the coefficient, this standard should be credited to the unit and numerical value of international system of units and used as the production standard of powder metallurgy manufacturer. Powder metallurgy products should also be distinguished by the category and mark that are stipulated and classified according to the chemical composition and mechanical property of metal powder metallurgy products.

Standard three: standard that is suitable for material stipulates that sintered metal materials should be used in producing powder metallurgy products, thus the powder combination will be made into parts that can be used in mechanical field. This kind of material belongs to the sintered state material, which has very wide industrial application.