Manganese metal powder production methods and processes


The production process consists of reducing fire manganese and wet electrolytic production. Fire manganese is huge and difficult to crush. Wet electrolytic manganese flake easily crushed and high purity. Simultaneously, the scale of production of manganese powder is generally larger with less added value. These factors determine the mechanical grinding method is suitable for the production of powder materials are manganese and electrolytic manganese metal. Methods for industrial applications are ultrafine grinding method, and grinding method, method and vertical roller mill grinding mill method. The basic principle of mechanical grinding method is breaking parts powder of manganese with manganese manganese impact for cutting brittle, extrusion, bending, grinding, etc.

Production of powder milling principle legal milling manganese is that when the operation of manganese powder mill, the grinding media, along with the centrifugal force and the friction materials under the effect of being raised to a certain height, due a gravity tube wall and fall along the parabolic path then also rises to a certain height, then fall along the parabolic path. Again and again, so that the materials between the grinding media were crushed by the impact of the paper during rolling and sliding grinding medium, grinding of the particles, the friction and shear effects of others have been ground.

The jet mill production of manganese metal powder: Mill high pressure jet is a more mature technology and ultrafine grinding. Used air flow at high speed (300 ~ 500m / s) between the energy of the particles have an impact, impact and friction, which leads to break the particles.
With a jet mill for grinding, adding jet mill itself but also auxiliary equipment, such equipment, auxiliary equipment, including air flow occurs, the air purification equipment and processing equipment, the power equipment, finished harvesting equipment, the waste gas stream capture entrained material recovery facilities, dust removal equipment. Because the manganese powder explosive inert gas flow to be crushed, the process design characteristics should ensure the recycling of inert gas.

Production of manganese flour roller mill High pressure: high pressure roll mill is a relatively new device has a high performance, low power consumption, use of light, sound management, easy and widespread use so on . The manganese hard and brittle, more suitable for pressure grinding roll mill discharge, high manganese powder production pressure roller, not only a high efficiency of production and relatively easy system to dust explosion proof.

Production of manganese powder mill liquid mixture stirred media mill there usually being more suitable for the preparation of manganese powder slurry, when the manganese powder for the production of chemicals needed for the next processing stage often wet mill with stirring, water and the media exist, then also takes care of security issues remove hydrogen. Manganese powder with the water due to hydrogen evolution reaction, particularly in the grinding process, the freshly formed metal powder and manganese powder exporter water are more intense, the shop must be no pyrotechnics and airy.

Anti-oxidation of powder production of manganese powder form manganese antioxidant anti-reflection film on the surface of manganese oxide powder and generally prevents subsequent oxidation with air supply. There are three key steps in the production of powder anti-manganese oxide: First, the production of oxygen electrolytic manganese powder. The second is anti-oxidation treatment, also called powder of manganese passivation surface. Third, the environment must be dry. The drying temperature should not be too high, and the need for protection of inert gas.