Manganese Powder & Its Beneficial Uses


Manganese makes up approximately 0.1% of the Earth’s surface, making it the 12th most ample element on the earth. It is one of the most used metals in terms metallurgy and in other industries as well.

All You Need to Know About Manganese

Manganese in a pure form is hard, silvery colored, fragile, and a metallic element which exists in three forms – alpha, beta, and gamma and has a pretty complicated structure. It stimulates iron in being slightly reactive and softening in cold, weaken non-oxidizing acids. When manganese is exposed to air, it creates a stable oxide layer which is not easily decreased. After processing, manganese in a pure form is ferromagnetic.

Manganese powder is not used as a foundation of alloys but is a key component of alloys. Its addition results in powerful; improvement in the mechanical and physical properties.


For instance, it is present in cast iron and in all steels and it is also added to certain grades of bronze and brass as well as some aluminum and nickel base alloys.

Besides its beneficial uses in metallurgy and other industries, manganese is an essential element for our body. Manganese deficiency can easily result in weakened bones. According to the experts, a human body, on average needs to contain 12 mg of manganese.

The Manganese Process

It is proven that almost 90% of all manganese consumed per year, goes into steel industry as an alloying element – high carbon ferromanganese (HC FeMn), silica manganese (SiMn), and refined ferromanganese (Refined FeMn). Besides in the steel industry, manganese is consumed in other applications as well, including chemical production, battery industry, and in other alloys including aluminum alloys and more.

The Main Uses of Manganese Powder

The main uses of manganese powder are:

  • The steel industry
  • Other metallurgical applications
  • The chlorine industry for bleach production
  • Other uses in the chemical industry


  • The Steel Industry – As we already mentioned, approximately, 90% of world manganese is used by the steel and iron industries. There are three main applications of manganese powder in steel making:
  • It is used as a direct additional to the furnace charge of blast furnaces making basic iron. In this type of a situation, the metal acts as a desulphuriser and deoxidizer.
  • It is used as an alloy in spiegeleisen, ferromanganese, and silica manganese. Spiegeleisen contains 60-85% iron, 10-35% manganese, 4-5% carbon and 1% silicon. This alloy can be utilized in the Bessemer process in the steel industry to make a quantity of carbon. The ferromanganese alloy contains5—80% manganese, 10-42% iron, 5-8% carbon and 2% silicon. This alloy is used to provide a quantity of carbon in the steel industry as well. And the silica manganese alloy contains 60-75 manganese, 20-25 silica, and the rest is iron.
  • Manganese powder is used in the production of manganese steel. These steels contain 11-14% manganese powder and have good resistance and applications as railway crossings.
  • Metallurgical Uses – Alloys of nickel, copper, zinc, tin, and lead have small percentages (approximately 5%) of manganese powder added to them in order to form manganese cupro-nickel, manganese copper, manganese bronze, and manganese brass. These alloys have specific applications as bearing ores where the manganese usually enhances the wear features. Manganese titanium is utilized for removing nitrogen and oxygen from copper alloys and manganese boron is utilized in the manufacture of other alloys. Manganese powder is utilized as a flux in melding silver.
  • The Chlorine Industry – Weldon process is one of the chlorine manufacture processes and it involves manganese and boiling hydrochloric acid to produce manganese chloride. In the oxide form, manganese metals are used for chemical purposes.
  • The Chemical Industry – Manganese powder has a small scale and medium applications in the chemical industry such as manganese dioxide and potassium permanganate.
  • Manganese Dioxide is used for metallurgical use, in glass manufacture, and as a catalyst in the preparation of oxygen.
  • Potassium Permanganate is used as a disinfectant.

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