Manganese Powder Uses, Price & More


Did you know that the Earth’s crust is 0.1% manganese – and that manganese is the most ample element on the Earth? As such, manganese powder is also one of the most used powders in metallurgy and a crucial powder in the production of various metals.

If you are new to manganese powder or don’t know where does it come from, we will help you form a clearer picture in the part below.

What Is Manganese Powder – And How Is It Formed?

As we said before, manganese is an element that cannot be found as one in nature, but in minerals in the Earth’s crust like purpurite, rhodonite, pyrolusite, manganite etc. Additionally, manganese is found in many mineraloids like wad and psilomelane.

Even though most people have the assumption that steel is made of iron, that is not precisely true. Steel is also made with the combination of manganese powder that is put into it. And even though the amount of manganese steel is relatively small, it is important for the basic building block and inevitable in the production of this material.

That being said, manganese powder is a crucial agent in the production of steel – but also one that combines with silicon and oxygen carbon to create a long list of manganese minerals, that are commonly based (from 25% to 45%) on manganese. Manganese’s minerals are everywhere around the globe nowadays, and are extracted through the process of mining from sedimentary rocks which are rich of manganese and are formed in the oceans.

Manganese Powder Uses

In order to help you understand more about manganese powder, let’s also speak about its uses in today’s industry.

Manganese Powder Uses – Where Is This Powder Commonly Used?

Manganese powder is used in the manufacture of steel. In fact, more than 90% of all the manganese produced every year goes in the production and manufacture of steel – where it is added to melted steel as powder in order to remove the oxygen and sulfur. Basically, the manganese powder is alloyed with steel in order to make the shape better and more workable, having in mind the strength and the resistance of steel itself. As such, it forms a solid backbone for railroad tracks and many other applications where steel is the crucial element.

Aside from the manufacture of steel, the uses of manganese powder extend to copper and aluminum alloys. Knowing that manganese powder is one of the most versatile components out there, it deoxidizes the copper alloy and enhances its mechanical toughness – while in aluminum alloys, it is added in order to boost the corrosion resistance and enhance the mechanical hardness.

Additionally, the uses of manganese powder also take part in the welding rod and cored wire industries, where this powder is used for welding fluxes with low P and C features – as well as in many chemical fields as a strong oxidizing agent (in medicine and quantitative analysis).

However, the most popular use of manganese in the non-metallurgical field is battery production. Specifically dry-cell batteries are the one where manganese powder forms water by oxidizing the hydrogen – and the result is Alkaline batteries (that are a mixture of manganese powder and zinc.)

A Final Word

The bottom line is that manganese powder is a crucial agent in the production of many products, both metallurgical and non-metallurgical ones. Therefore, the demand for this powder has always been great, and the manganese powder price has never stumbled down. This is due to the fact that this powder is not easy to extract – or even mined as pure manganese in the first place.

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