Metal Powder For Sale: A Couple Of Things To Know Before You Buy


If you are looking for metal powder for sale, there are many suppliers nowadays. However, not everyone produces metal powder with the equal quality which is why you should know what you are getting into – and who you are working with.

In order to show you the importance of metal powder nowadays, we are summing up its main uses and importance.

How Is Metal Powder Produced?

There are four main processes when producing metal powder:

  1. Solid-state reduction – The first and foremost process of the meta powder production in which the metal is crushed and mixed with carbon. Once this process is done, it is passed through a heater where oxygen and carbon are reduced from the powder. The result is a metal that is later crushed and transformed to powder.
  2. Atomization – In this process, the molten metal is divided into small amounts of liquid and frozen before they come in contact. At this stage, the metal powder can be melted and later used to mix with other powders like brass, tin, aluminum, rhenium, iron, copper or alloy steels.
  3. Electrolysis – As you probably know, electrolysis happens when the metal is collected in a powdery form and is later washed, dried, reduced, strengthened and crushed if required (in high-density and high-purity powders). Due to its energy costs, electrolysis is a process that is limited to high value powders like copper etc.
  4. Chemical process – Last but not the least is the chemical process, in which metal powder underlies oxide reduction, precipitation from solutions and thermal decomposition in order to result in a powder that features high purity and the smallest particles.

What Are The Benefits Of Metal Powder In Today’s World?

There are huge advantages to metal powder for every client interested in it. The main ones sum up to major cost savings, amazing mixture of materials and countless possibilities for mixing and matching in the manufacturing process.

Additionally, metal powder comes with great wear resistance and a long life because of it, as well as utmost quality and smooth action. On top of all of these benefits, metal powder is known for its low heat conductivity, superior strength, abrasion and fluid resistance, low friction coefficient, durability, environmentally-friendly aspect and impact resistance.

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On top of that, metal powder is used in many applications including:

  • architecture and painting
  • thermal surfacing
  • printing and screen printing
  • additive manufacturing
  • magnetic materials
  • industrial uses
  • catalyst uses

In all of these applications, metal powder comes with outstanding manufacturing benefits – in which it offers close dimensional tolerances, results in extremely well surface finish, produces tapers and counter bores and most importantly, helps manufacturers of all kinds save up to 70% and more over any other part producing processes.

High-purity metal powder also requires minimal machining and comes with ideal part to part reproductively. It produces parts that include keyways, holes, spines, flat sides or square holes as well as grooves, slots and bosses of different depths. As such, it comes with excellent customization features over any other processes and excellent control of the materials through the sintering process.

The Best Metal Powder Price From A Reliable Supplier

It is safe to say that metal powders are undoubtedly of great importance in today’s world, in all the multiple industries and fields that they cover. After all, metal is amazing when it comes to customization and precision – which is why it is universally used in industries and applications of all kinds.

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