Metal spraying of tungsten powder and its process characteristics


Metal spraying of tungsten powder

Metal spraying of tungsten powder is a kind of materials protection technology in which the coating is generated by spraying high-speed particle flow of fused tungsten powder on the surface of substrate.

In the metal spraying of tungsten metal powder, tungsten powder coating is sprayed on the surface of workpiece with the help of spraying equipment. Under the effect of static, tungsten powder will be evenly absorbed on the surface of workpiece and form powdery coating which will be leveled and solidified by highbake, thus the final coating that is corrosion resistant and ageing resistant will be formed.

In order to ensure economic and high quality tungsten powder metal sprayed coating, except for choosing tungsten powder that has appropriate particle size, it is also necessary to be processed before and after spraying. For the sake of improving adhesive force, before the metal spraying of functional tungsten powder, grit blast is often needed and appropriate raw material is screened by sieving; after the metal spraying, the quality of spraying coating should be inspected as well as the sealing treatment and finish machining should also be conducted.

Metal spraying of tungsten powder

Process characteristics of tungsten powder metal spraying

Tungsten powder metal spraying that uses tungsten powder as materials will produce wear resistant, high temperature oxidation resistant and sulfur-containing compound corrosion resistant coating that can be widely used due to its specialty. Below are the process characteristics of tungsten powder metal spraying:

a. Tungsten powder metal spraying, in which the use ratio of tungsten powder that is used as the raw material is very high, of which the used powder can be reutilized after screening and mixing with the new powder in a certain proportion. The highest use ratio can even reach more than 99 percents.

b. The generated coating will be compact and has good adhesive force, shock strength and tenacity. It also has excellent wear resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance and sulfur-containing compound corrosion resistance.

c. Paint film that has enough thickness can be obtained in the processing before and after tungsten powder metal spraying which is finished one time and no first coat is needed. It is easy to realize automation as well as has high production efficient and can reduce the cost.