Molybdenum Powder Applications in the Electronics Market and Other Essential Uses


Molybdenum is a dominant element with specific chemical and mechanical properties that can meet the most demanding requirements. Molybdenum has an extremely high melting point, high level of thermal conductivity, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion and because of this, it is used in various industries.

It is used in the production of wires and ribbons for the lighting industry, in the production of glass melting electrodes, in semiconductor base plates for the power electronics, flat screens and more.

Molybdenum Powder – All You Need to Know

Molybdenum (Mo) is a silvery-white shiny metal, hard but at the same time softer and more flexible than tungsten. It has an excellent resistance to corrosion, good wear and resistance to abrasion, and superior thermal and electrical properties. It is an essential element when it comes to alloys, as it enhances hardenability and persistence of tempered and destroyed steels.

Molybdenum powder has a black or dark gray color and it is often confused with graphite. It is primarily used for hardening of iron and steel even though it has other important applications for enhancing the performance in high temperature and aggressive environments as well. It is used as a raw material in an extensive range of applications such as high-temperature furnace heaters, spray coating materials, wires for electronics use, glass melting electrodes, rods and plates, nuclear power paint materials, and much more.

Molybdenum Powder Applications in the Electronics Market

The role of molybdenum powder in the electronics market has been extremely important since the vacuum tubes first came out. The common electronic applications involve elements utilized to produce electrical devices, such as multilayer ceramic circuits, setter tiles for sintering ceramic substrates, and physical vapor deposition masks.

Molybdenum powder, when paired with copper, has been also used for thermal management applications. It is also an essential part of rectifiers and high-power diodes as well as in flat-panel screens.

nano Molybdenum Powder

Industrial Applications of Molybdenum

There are various industrial applications of molybdenum powder. However, we are going to mention the 3 most important ones:

  • High Purity and Good Creep Resistance – When in a pure form, molybdenum can withstand very high temperature, making it extremely easy to machine. For instance, to produce crucibles in the field of sapphire development.
  • Good Corrosion Resistance and High Dimensional Stability –Molybdenum makes it convenient and possible for stirrers to homogenize all types of glass melt by resisting high temperatures and extreme glass melts. With excellent corrosion resistance and dimensional stability against glass melts and metal, it guarantees long products service existence.
  • Low Thermal Expansion and High Thermal Conductivity – The flow of electricity through power transistors diodes and high power densities produce heat. As molybdenum has low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity, together with is alloys is an ideal substrate for the power electronics.

3 Most Important Uses of Powdered Molybdenum

  1. Powdered molybdenum has a high melting point which us why it is generated and sold as a gray powder. There are many molybdenum products that are manufactured by compressing this powder at an extremely high pressure.
  2. Powdered molybdenum is mostly used to make alloys. It is widely utilized in the steel alloys to improve hardness, strength, resistance to corrosion and wear, and electrical conductivity. Most steel alloys are utilized in engines parts while others are utilized in drills, heating elements, and saw blades.
  3. Powdered molybdenum is used as a lubricant additive, catalyst in the petroleum industry. Electrodes, pigments, and inks for circuit boards.

The Biological Role of Molybdenum

Besides the various industrial uses and applications, molybdenumhas a very important biological role as well. Even though this element is toxic in small quantities, it is a crucial element for plants and animals. There are approximately 50 enzymes used by animals and plants that contain this element.

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