Nickel Powder & Its Extensive Uses – All You Need to Know About It


Nickel plays a crucial role in our every day’s life as there are various nickel-containing products we use almost every day. Nickel-containing products acquire corrosion resistance, toughness, strength at high and low temperatures, and other special magnetic and electronic properties. Nickel is commonly used in the battery production, coatings, as an alloy and other uses such as kitchen wares, cell phones, medical equipment, transport, jewelry, buildings, and more.

Introduction to Nickel

Nickel (Ni) is a metal with a silvery-white color which occurs in the arsenic and sulfide ores. This metal can take many forms such as a lump, crucible, foam, micro foil, mesh, tube, rod, and wire. Nickel is ductile and malleable and most importantly resistant to corrosion in water and air which makes this metal even stronger for coating and construction uses.

Nickel is known as one of the best metal binders in the metallurgy. With an aberrant and gray features, nickel is commonly used as an alluring and anti-oxidation material.


The Most Important Uses of Nickel Powder

  • As an Alloying Element Nickel powder is very important as of the various alloys it forms. Nearly 6% of the world’s production is used in nickel-steels, especially the stainless steel. Some other known alloys involve new alloys that are used in the chemical applications for nickel compounds as they absorb less than 3% of the total production. Nickel powder can alloy with irons, steels, coppers, aluminum, chromium, cobalt, lead, gold, silver and other elements to make cast irons, stainless steels, nimonic, and other alloys. There are ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
  • The ferrous alloys involve stainless steel, cast irons, low alloy steels and some specialty steels. The most important applications are in marine and coinage engineering, in some chemical plants, and in gas turbines.
  • The non-ferrous alloys are copper alloys or bronzes, monel, and nickel brasses. The most important applications are in fishing boats, propellers, and crankshafts.
  • Coatings– When it comes to nickel powder coatings it is referring to electroplated nickel. The electroplated nickel is utilized to provide hard-wearing engineering and decorative coatings as electroless nickel coating, nickel plating, and electroforming. When done in mixture with silicon carbide is known as composite plating (in the coating of coins) and when utilized with chromium is known as chrome-plating.
  • Batteries – Nickel powder is a crucial element of few battery systems used in transport, electronics, power tools and in an emergency power supply. One of the most important applications of nickel powder is a nickel-metal hybrid.
  • Fuel Cells – Nickel is used in fuel cell powered vehicles including cars and buses.
  • Nickel Plating and Chromium-Nickel Plating – Nickel plating involves anti-corrosion treatments for under hood elements, cylinder coatings, electric cans and connectors while chromium-nickel plating involves seatbelt fasteners, internal and external trim, handles, wheels and etc.
  • Magnetic Fluid – Together with its alloys, nickel powder can be adjusted as a magnetic fluid and used in the manufacture of sound regulation, mechanical control, medical equipment, sealing, and other areas.


  • Magnetic Recording – Besides as a magnetic fluid, nickel can be used in as a magnetic recording component. It can relatively improve the density of the hard disc as well as of the storage information tapes.
  • Other Important Uses – Besides these, nickel powder has few other important uses that are worth mentioning. Nickel powder is used as a catalyst (it includes the hydrogenation of vegetable oils) and in the production of pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides. Nickel is used for binders and fillers as well.

Where to Buy High-Quality Nickel Powder

There is no doubt that nickel powder is widely used. Its unique features and structure makes this metal ideal for the powder metallurgy as well as in the catalyst applications, electrode materials, in the chemical industry, magnetic materials, in high-temperature alloys, and etc.

Being one of the most productive element on the Earth, the interests of powdered nickel has dramatically increased in the last few years. The fact that so many industries are using this element for different applications is your best proof.

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