Nickel Powder Why Is It One Of The Most Widespread Elements


There is no chance you haven’t heard about nickel – NI. Aside from its standard presence, the silvery-white shining metal also has a powdered form. Nickel powder is only one of the many powders that are essential in creating various alloys and an important metal that helps many structural components and industries.

In a nutshell, nickel powder is a form of nickel that best fits situations when the exposed surface field needs to be increased – in order to form different reactions. Most of the metal pieces are heavy to react with air at climate conditions, which is where nickel powder helps.

In its purest form, nickel powder is resistant to corrosion and has a heavy rate of oxidation at normal room temperatures. Another interesting fact is that almost 6% of the world’s nickel production is utilized in nickel plating.

Why Is Nickel Powder Important In Today’s World?

The alloys that nickel powder forms are probably the most important benefit of the element in metallurgy nowadays. That is mainly because of the fact that nickel powder is used in nickel steels and specifically stainless steels. Knowing how widespread stainless steel is, it is an element that is equally important.

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Nickel powder is also part of special welding electrodes, electroplating and other metallurgical applications. The rise of technology and methodology has expanded the use of nickel powder – from batteries to catalysts etc.

Speaking of which, here are some of the industries relying on the power of nickel powder nowadays:

  • Medical equipment – As an alloy, nickel is adjusted as a magnetic fluid and used in the production of medical equipment, mechanical control, sealing, sound regulation and other similar areas.
  • Sintering additives – Nickel powder is also used as a sintering additive because of its large volume ration, resulting in reduction of the sintering temperature when producing diamonds or ceramics
  • Conductive paste – Nickel powder is widely used in MLCC together with the electronic paste (used in miniaturization, connectivity of devices, industry packaging etc.)
  • Magnetic recording – Nickel is also a magnetic recording component that can enhance the density of the storage information tapes
  • Fuel cell – The catalyst properties make nickel powder a great fit to replace platinum and significantly lower the producing costs of fuel cells
  • Lubricant additive – Used to lower the surface rubbing and fix the micro cracks on the surface
  • Stealth material – Because of its unique electromagnetic features, nickel is also used as a stealth material

The use of nickel powder is not limited to these industries only. Instead, nickel powder is used in many other fields, electrode materials, magnetic materials and as catalyst of the chemical industry. As such, it should always be stored in cool, shady and ventilated areas and kept away from fire, acid or heat.

7 Facts About Nickel Powder You Need To Know

There are many things you did not know about nickel powder and nickel in general. Below, we are listing some of the most important ones.

1.Nickel has been used since ancient times, and was not discovered in modern times

  1. According to many statistics, the first appearance of nickel was in coins in the middle of the 19th century
  2. Nickel is found in 3 forms: galena, pentlandite and nickeline
  3. According to some geophysical analysis, nickel is mostly stuffed near the Earth’s core
  4. Nickel has a large array of applications – from steels to alloys, superalloys and electric resistant alloys, it is basically everywhere in metallurgy
  5. Nickel sometimes causes allergies, especially when worn in the form of earrings as type of jewelry
  6. Nickel is also used during the production of coins, magnets, rechargeable batteries, guitar strings and glass tint

High-Purity Nickel Powder Has Never Been So Affordable To Purchase

When it comes to nickel powder, we are living in a world where it is as widespread as nickel in general – and very affordable to purchase. The high-purity nickel powder has a great deal of uses, some of which are coins and batteries where it is combined with chromium and iron.

Nickel powder also takes part both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and is used in coatings, batteries and as a catalyst. If you are interested in buying nickel powder, make sure you are dealing with a licensed and reputable seller.

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