Niobium Metal Powder -102




Formula 41Nb92.91
Purity 99.8 %
Particle Size -325 mesh
CAS 2023-50-5
Melting Point 2468 °C
Boiling Point 4742 °C
Density 8.57 G/Cm³
Crystal Structure Cubic, Body Centered
Applications Aerospace
MSDS Niobium-Powder-101-102-MSDS(PDF)
Typical Analysis Niobium-Powder-102-Typical-Analysis
Form Powder

Cost Per Kilogram

1-2 KG
3-10 KG
11-25 KG
26+ KG
Background Niobium is a gray, soft, rare ductile transition metal. Found in pyrochlore and columbite, it was originally discovered and named columbium. In 1950, the name was officially changed to niobium.
Superalloys Niobium in the form of high purity ferroniobium and nickel niobium are used in superalloys. These superalloys are used in rocket subassemblies, jet engine components, combustion equipment and heat resisting equipment.
Jewelry Niobium is physiologically inert, so it is a good metal to be used in jewelry and internal medical devices such as pacemakers.
Glass Niobium can be added to glass to produce a higher refractive index. A higher refractive index allows for thinner corrective glasses.