Niobium Powder Supplier: From Production To Delivery

You may not be aware of it – but niobium powder is a part of many types of steel and stainless steels for gas and oil pipelines, truck and car bodies, tool steels, architectural elements, railroad trucks and even ship hulls. However, a lot of people are unaware of the importance of this powder – up until the point they need a niobium powder supplier.

Basically, niobium is a gray and light metal with a bright white appearance – and one with great potential. It also has a high melting point and a density of 8.58g per cubic centimeter. Since it is fragile and can be formed at the lowest temperatures, it must be used sensitively – however, has excellent oxidation and chemical resistance.

Niobium Powder Supplier

Basically, niobium powder is a material that is paired with super alloys and used in electronics, optical applications and all combinations of specific physical and chemical elements.

The Two Methods Essential In Creating Niobium Powder

There are two basic methods for creating niobium powder – extraction and refining. In both of the cases, niobium oxide is usually the starting element for the production of the other compounds. Speaking of which, niobium carbide, niobium chloride and lithium niobate are all compounds that are formed in the reaction.

The niobium powders are therefore produced by the reduction of niobium oxide with magnesium – or by the reduction of potassium niobium heptafluoride with sodium. In both of the cases, the result is a fine niobium powder that has wide uses and applications.

The Niobium Powder Applications

The market for niobium powder is huge. The metal brings high-temperature strengths and corrosion resistance to many industries including the railway industry, architecture, automobile industry, gas pipelines and structural steels. As such, niobium powder is a great material that helps in many processes. That is why finding a niobium powder supplier is crucial for many businesses in these industries.

Aside from these facts, niobium powder is actually used in the field of superconductivity. This means that it is used in the creation of superconductive magnets. Paired with zirconium wires, the mixture absorbs superconductivity in powerful magnetic fields. Since niobium is a superconductor in its pure form (especially at low temperatures) it is capable of being colored in electrolytic processes and used in lamp filaments or in jewelry.

How Niobium Powder Aids The Production Of Steel

There are seven ways niobium powders aid the production of steel. They include niobium oxide, niobium carbide, niobium metal elements, niobium titanium, niobium tin-alloy, nickel niobium and vacuum grade ferro-niobium, niobium glass and lithium niobium. In all of these processes, niobium powder is crucial for creating everyday products, structural elements and chemical processing equipment. Perfect for technology and relatively hard and transparent, it is a material that features clear glass.

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