Our Products


At present our products are exported to various countries, and received a lot of reputation. If you have the demand, or any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Samarium Oxide
Item # Sm2O3, Samarium Oxide
Ruthenium Oxide
Item # RuO2, Ruthenium Oxide
Praseodymium-titanium Oxide
Item # Pr6O11:TiO2, Praseodymium-titanium Oxide
Niobium Pentoxide
Item # Nb2O5, Niobium Pentoxide
Nickel Oxide
Item # NiO, Nickel Oxide
Molybdenum Oxide
Item # MoO3, Molybdenum Oxide
Magnesium Oxide
Item # MgO, Magnesium Oxide
Lanthanum titanium Oxide
Item # LaTiOx, Lanthanum titanium Oxide
Iron Oxide (Black)
Item # Fe3O4, Iron Oxide (Black)
Iridium Oxide
Item # IrO2, Iridium Oxide
Indium tin Oxide ITO
Item # In2O3.SnO2, Indium tin Oxide ITO (90:10)
Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide
Item # InGaZnO, Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide