Our Products


At present our products are exported to various countries, and received a lot of reputation. If you have the demand, or any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Zinc Metal Shot
Item # ZN-131, Zinc Metal Shot
Mossy Zinc Metal Pieces
Item # ZN-110, Mossy Zinc Metal Pieces
Vanadium Metal Turnings
Item # VA-140, Vanadium Metal Turnings
Tin Metal Ingot
Item # SN-191, Tin Metal Ingot
Polished Tin Metal Shot
Item # SN-133, Polished Tin Metal Shot
Tellurium Metal Ingot
Item # TE-191, Tellurium Metal Ingot
Tantalum Vacuum Melted Pellets
Item # TA-190, Tantalum Vacuum Melted Pellets
Tantalum Metal Rod
Item # TA-170, Tantalum Metal Rod
Silicon Zone Refined Pieces
Item # SI-130, Silicon Zone Refined Pieces
Selenium Metal Flake
Item # SE-111, Selenium Metal Flake
Selenium Metal Pellets
Item # SE-110, Selenium Metal Pellets
Rhenium Metal Pellets
Item # RE-102, Rhenium Metal Pellets