Our Products


At present our products are exported to various countries, and received a lot of reputation. If you have the demand, or any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chromium Metal Granules
Item # CR-110, Chromium Metal Granules
Cerium Vacuum Sealed Lump
Item # CE-190, Cerium Vacuum Sealed Lump
Cadmium Metal Pieces
Item # CD-110, Cadmium Metal Pieces
Bismuth Metal Lump
Item # BI-140, Bismuth Metal Lump/Needles
Bismuth Metal Pellets
Item # BI-130, Bismuth Metal Pellets
Antimony Metal Lump
Item # AN-131, Antimony Metal Lump/Ingot Pieces
Antimony Metal Lump
Item # AN-130, Antimony Metal Lump/Ingot Pieces
Mercury Telluride
Item # HgTe, Mercury Telluride
Silver Titanium Telluride
Item # AgTiTe2, Silver Titanium Telluride
Silver Indium Telluride
Item # AgInTe2, Silver Indium Telluride
Silver Gallium Telluride
Item # AgGaTe2, Silver Gallium Telluride
Indium Telluride
Item # InTe, Indium Telluride