Our Products


At present our products are exported to various countries, and received a lot of reputation. If you have the demand, or any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Indium Selenide
Item # In2Se3, Indium Selenide
Germanium Selenide
Item # GeSe2, Germanium Selenide
Germanium Selenide
Item # GeSe, Germanium Selenide
Gallium Selenide
Item # Ga2Se3, Gallium Selenide
Copper Titanium Selenide
Item # CuTiSe2, Copper Titanium Selenide
Copper Selenide
Item # CuSe, Copper Selenide
Copper Selenide
Item # Cu2Se, Copper Selenide
Copper Indium Selenide
Item # CuInSe2, Copper Indium Selenide
Copper Gallium Selenide
Item # CuGaSe2, Copper Gallium Selenide
Cobalt Selenide
Item # CoSe, Cobalt Selenide
Rubidium Phosphate
Item # RbPO3, Rubidium Phosphate
Magnesium Plumbide
Item # Mg2Pb, Magnesium Plumbide