Process and development prospect of cobalt powder


Cobalt powder process is widely used, of which the spraying coating is highly polished and has good corrosion and wear resistance. Cobalt powder, served as the powder in operating layer of the spraying coating, can be used in oxygen-acetylene flame or plasma spraying technology as well as the amendment or preventive maintenance of various rollers, plungers, machine tool spindles, bent axles, rolls and so on.

cobalt metal powder


a. When welding, please strictly follow the requirements of oxygen-acetylene flame or plasma spraying process.

b. Transit the cobalt metal powder with self-bonding powder before spraying it.

c. If the alloyed powder is damp, dry it before using (which should be conducted at 120 degrees Celsius and the heat should be preserved for 1 hour).

The future development prospect of cobalt powder

Due to the special feature of cobalt powder, it has been widely used. In the diamond tools industry, cobalt powder is widely used as the catalysts, besides, in other industries, the annual consumption of cobalt powder also keeps increasing.

In view of Chinese market development prospect, cobalt powder is largely used in the carcass bonding material of diamond drill bits and cutting disks in the construction industry as well as the diamond bits and carbide drills in the oil and gas industry; cobalt powder is also used as the carcass bonding material of the diamond abrasives that used in metal material processing, automobile and motorcycle mechanical polishing processing. With the rapid development of diamond tools industry, electrical alloy industry, power metallurgy and mechanical parts industry, the demand for cobalt powder is increasing at high speed. However, currently there are only 7-8 cobalt powder manufacturers (including carbonyl cobalt powder, electrolytic cobalt powder and reduced cobalt powder), of which the production capacity is about 1000 tons and is far from satisfying the needs of domestic market.