The Processing Technology of Aluminum Powder


Aluminum powder widely uses in national defense, aerospace, chemistry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, and the demand for it has been increasing. Aluminum powder has a great variety of processing technology. This paper lists four kinds of processing technology of aluminum powder for reference.

a. Melt Extrusion Method

The method is to heat and extrude the remaining component (resin, etc.) of aluminum powder and powder coating through the screw extruder. Although aluminum powder can be sufficiently mixed with powder coating, the aluminum powder has insufficient orientation in high viscosity melts. Besides, in the next step of the crushing process, the sheet structure of the pigment will be inevitably destroyed. Aluminum powder produced by this method has a gray metallic effect in the process of construction. Therefore, this method is only used to produce hammer powder.

b. Dry Blend Method

The method is to add aluminum powder to the pulverized powder coating and mix up them by a mechanical mixer. The advantage of the method is that reaction of aluminum powder and powder coating is not so intense, thus preventing deformation of flake aluminum powder and avoiding affecting the metallic effect. Besides, loose mixture of pigment and resin is very beneficial to the orientation of aluminum powder so as to improve flash effect. The disadvantage of this method is that there is the separation phenomenon when the automatic spraying equipment processes and recycles powder because aluminum powder and resin powder differ significantly in the shape of particles, density and electric charge.

c. Bond Fixation Method

The method is to mix aluminum powder with powder coating by the dry blend method and heat them simultaneously so that the temperature just exceeds the softening point of the resin, at this time aluminum powder can be fixed and adhered to the surface of the resin powder with viscosity, thereby preventing the separation phenomenon of aluminum powder and powder coating in the course of construction and in the process of recovery after construction. This method is popular now.

d. Jet Milling Method

The method is to base on the principle of supersonic jet mill for production. Because aluminum powder is easily oxidized, it is common to use JZDB series nitrogen to protect jet milling classifier for the production of ultra-fine aluminum powder.

With the development of the aluminum industry, it is necessary for metal powder supplier to constantly improve the processing technology of aluminum powder and further improve the precision of aluminum powder to meet market demand for aluminum powder in different grain sizes.