Rubidium Chloride Powder – 140

White Crystals



Formula RbCl120.92
Composition Rb- 70.68, Cl- 29.32
Purity 99.9 %
CAS 7791-11-9
Melting Point 714 °C
Boiling Point 1383 °C
Density 2.76 G/Cm³
Crystal Structure Cubic
Applications Glass production
Photo-detection cells
Vacuum Tubes
Form As available

Cost Per Kilogram

1-2 KG
3-10 KG
11-25 KG
26+ KG
Background Rubidium chloride is an alkalai metal halide. It is water soluble and an excellent rubidium source for uses compatible with chloride.
Water Rubidium chloride can be used as an electrolyte in water.
Medical Some researchers have come to believe infusion of tumor cells with rubidium chloride increases their pH. This increase in pH prohibits activation of enzymes that would increase the malignant potential.