The tap density of tungsten powder


The tap density of tungsten powder refers to the unit volume weight measured before tamping and vibrating the powder in the container under stipulated conditions, of which the unit is g/cm3. It is the integrated embodiment of various physical properties (such as the powder particle size and powder distribution, particle shape as well as the surface roughness and specific area) and a kind of processing property that will be influenced a lot by its particle size distribution and particle morphology as well as has guiding effect on the design of tungsten powder pressing mold and the storage tank that used in transporting and storing.

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The tap density of tungsten metal powder can be influenced by particle shape and particle size, for example, the powders that appear to be spherical shape, near spherical shape and irregular shape will have different tap density; the tap density will become bigger when the particle size is larger and more compact, therefore, the biggest tap density can be obtained after evenly mixing the coarse and fine powders under certain proportion.