Tin Oxide Powder – 610

Black in Oxide Powder (Stannous)



Formula SnO134.71
Composition Sn- 88.12, O- 11.88
Purity 99.9 %
Particle Size -100 Mesh
CAS 21651-19-4
Melting Point 1080 °C
Density 6.446 G/Cm³
Crystal Structure Tetragonal
Applications Catalyst
Chemical reactions
MSDS Tin-Oxide-Powder-610-MSDS(PDF)
Typical Analysis Tin-Oxide-Powder-610-Typical-Analysis
Form Powder

Cost Per Kilogram

1-2 KG
3-10 KG
11-25 KG
26+ KG
Background Tin oxide, also known as stannous oxide, is a black powder. It has two forms, a stable blue black form, and a metastable red form.
Glass Production Tin oxide is used as a reducing agent in the creation of ruby glass.
Manufacturing Tin oxide is used to manufacture other tin compounds or salts. These substances are usually divalent.