Titanium Disilicide Powder – 702

Titanium Disilicide Powder



Formula TiSi2104.05
Composition Ti- 42.8, Si- 57.2
Purity 99.9 %
Particle Size Plasma Spray Grade
CAS 12039-83-7
Melting Point 1760 °C
Density 4.26 G/Cm³
Applications Catalyst
Typical Analysis Titanium-Disilicide-Powder-702-Typical-Analysis
Form Powder

Cost Per Kilogram

1-2 KG
3-10 KG
11-25 KG
26+ KG
Background Titanium disilicide is mainly used in the semiconductor industry.
Semiconductor Titanium disilicide in the microelectronic industry is typically used in the C54 phase.