MSE Supplies, a US Manufacturer of Metal Powders

February 23, 2022 , Metal Powders

MSE Supplies, a leading US manufacturer of Metal Powders, is proud to announce that it is opening its first manufacturing facility in Clearfield County. With expertise in metallurgical processes and powder atomization, we are able to develop custom metal powders with superior properties and meet the demanding requirements of our customers. This project will create nearly 40 new manufacturing jobs in the region. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

In the automotive industry, the company specializes in producing high-quality metal powders, granules, and brazing pastes. The company focuses on the development of high-tech, innovative products that are perfect for the manufacturing of automotive components and other parts. LINBRAZE has a reputation for innovation and specializes in both ferrous and non-ferrous metal powders. It also manufactures a variety of high-pressure die cast tools. It also produces metallic fillers and cold cast applications.

This method is often a cost-effective option for manufacturing complex metal components. The materials used in this method are tough, wear-resistant, and lightweight. The cost is also significantly lower than those produced with conventional techniques. As a result, Metalpines is a top choice for many manufacturers. Not only are the products produced at a lower cost, they’re also more environmentally friendly and more reliable. A new company is introducing this technology today.

The company is strengthening its metal powder offering. Recently, Sweden-based Sandvik bought 100pc of AM service provider Zare, and its BeamIT subsidiary. BeamIT specializes in the development of metal AM components for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and energy. It also invested in PRES-X, which specializes in performing high-pressure heat treatments on 3D-printed parts. As the metal powder industry continues to grow, companies are strengthening their metal powder offerings.

TLS is a leading manufacturer of Metal Powders. With over 25 years of experience, they are considered a world leader in manufacturing metal powders for industrial applications. Their latest product lines include die inserts, water jackets, and more. The Metalpines process is also eco-friendly. It can be set up quickly and easily in metropolitan areas. The technology is already being used by the world’s largest high-pressure die-cast tool builder.

The additive manufacturing sector is undergoing a consolidation phase, with companies consolidating their metal powder offerings. In July, Sweden-based Sandvik acquired 100pc of integrated AM services provider Zare. This acquisition has given the company the ability to provide a range of additional services, including 3D-printed water jackets and die inserts. Furthermore, it has recently invested in a company called PRES-X. This company is focused on the post-processing of 3D-printed metal components.

The company was able to find a suitable location for its new plant, which was located in Pennsylvania. DCED’s International Business Development team coordinated site visits and provided assistance for the project. It helped the company apply for a low-interest loan from the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority. The partnership between Makin Metal Powders and DCED’s Office of International Business Development has made it possible for the company to move to the state.